For Employers

IAESTE Canada finds well-qualified international students to work for Canadian employers for 8-52 weeks.

There is no fee to IAESTE Canada for Canadian employers who make job offers open to IAESTE international students. IAESTE is able to facilitate the students’ work permits through our status as an International Experience Canada Recognized Organization. They will have received information on applying for a Social Insurance Number and determining their tax status. Deductions will, of course, be made from their salary for EI and CPP. They will have arranged full medical coverage before they left their home country.

There is a fee for “reserved offers,” which are offers made to a specific international student (when employers require help with acquiring a work permit). The fee is $400 per offer for non-profit organizations and $600 for all others.

International student employees are:

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Work Permit/Employment Authorization

IAESTE Canada is a Recognized Organization with International Experience Canada (IEC), a Citizenship and Immigration Canada program. IAESTE Canada provides instructions for employers and students to apply for the work permit through IEC as an IAESTE trainee. The work permit will be entered in their passport on entry. This permit will allow them to obtain a Canadian Social Insurance Number after arrival and to determine their tax status at Services Canada.