For Students

IAESTE Canada secures jobs abroad for Canadian students by exchanging our jobs with other IAESTE member countries. Most jobs are obtained at the Annual Conference in late January.

Other jobs are available year round.  Students registered with IAESTE Canada may apply for any of the open positions listed at the IAESTE job board up for one year from their registration date.  The job board is only visible once you’ve registered.

To register:

IAESTE Canada recruits Canadian students for jobs abroad, and it screens applications and offers the most qualified candidate the position. Once a candidate accepts an offer, their file is forwarded to the employer abroad for approval.

In addition to raising jobs for foreign students in Canada, IAESTE Canada sends successful international candidates their acceptance papers via their IAESTE National Committee and it assists students after their arrival in Canada. Volunteers across Canada serve as local contacts and organize social and cultural events for international IAESTE students in Canada.

IAESTE Canada processes “Reserved Offers” for Canadian students who have found a job abroad in an IAESTE member country and require help with acquiring a work permit.