Reserved Offers for Students at Canadian Institutions

IAESTE Canada processes “Reserved Offers” for Canadian students who have found a job abroad in an IAESTE member country and require help with acquiring a work permit.


We process reserved offers for:

Although our program is designed primarily for students in the technical fields of study, we can assist students in other fields with the agreement of the receiving IAESTE Committee.

In most cases, you must remain in Canada until the required work documents are sent to you. The offer of employment must be directly related to your field of study and your employer must register the offer with our counterpart office and pay any necessary fees (which vary from country to country). This fee will be the employer’s responsibility and covers the administrative costs of obtaining the work permits. Most IAESTE Committees also have offer forms to be completed by the employer.


A $250.00 processing fee must accompany your registration form to cover our administrative costs. The fee must be paid through Paypal here.

IAESTE requires all participants to have full out-of-the-country medical coverage. Some countries have group insurance plans available to incoming students. You will be asked to provide your insurance information to the receiving IAESTE Committee.

In some instances, the employer is willing to reimburse the Canadian student for these fees, but that is something you would arrange directly with your employer.


To apply, please submit:

Upon receipt of your registration form and processing fee, IAESTE Canada will contact the receiving IAESTE Committee with a request to include your offer in our exchange program. Many countries also require a photocopy of the front page of your passport. The processing time varies with each country but you should be prepared to allow about 6-8 weeks to receive the necessary documents.

For information on the procedures in other countries, please contact our office at Please note that the conditions for arranging necessary work authorizations are set out by each country’s government and can be changed at any time.

IAESTE Canada will forward your documents to you, as soon as they are received. Depending on the country, there may be additional procedures required on your part to complete the process. Some countries require you to have the visa/work permit entered in your passport at their embassy in Canada. Instructions on how to do this will be included with your documents. This may involve payment of a separate fee to the embassy or consulate. Most IAESTE countries will also charge the employer a separate fee for Reserved Offers.

You may not enter the country without the proper work authorization documents. Working, after entering the country as a tourist, is usually illegal and could result in deportation. IAESTE does not assist in securing lodgings for candidates with ‘reserved’ offers. The final decision on whether a ‘reserved’ offer can be processed through the program rests with the host IAESTE Committee.