Reserved Offers for Canadian Employers

“Reserved offers” are offers made to a specific international student (when employers require help with acquiring a work permit). The fee is $400 per offer for non-profit organizations and $600 for all others. In Canada, we depend on volunteers to assist us in administering the program and we rely on student fees and reserved offer processing fees to offset operating costs.

Students must register with the IAESTE office in their home country and pay any necessary fees (which vary from country to country). This fee will be the student’s responsibility and covers the administrative costs of obtaining the work permit. Most IAESTE Committees also have offer forms to be completed by the student. IAESTE requires all participants to have medical coverage and students will be asked to provide their insurance information to IAESTE Canada.


To apply, please submit:

Upon receipt of your form and fee, IAESTE Canada will contact the appropriate IAESTE Committee abroad with a request to include your offer in our exchange program. The paperwork involved can usually be completed in about 8-10 weeks.

Since IAESTE Canada operates on a numerical quota of work permits, it may not always be possible to include all requests for reserved offers. Processing of these offers will depend on our ‘balance of trade’ at any particular time with the country where the candidate is pursuing studies.