For Students at Canadian Institutions


Most jobs are for undergraduates who have completed three-quarters of their program; however, graduate students are also eligible to apply. We find paid jobs for:

Graduating students must start their job no later than Sept. 1st of their graduating year (some countries have restrictions on the placement of new graduates and candidates must provide proof that they will return to school after the placement).

Preference will be given to students who volunteer for IAESTE Canada before working abroad, as the program depends on volunteers for program administration and raising jobs in Canada.

As IAESTE is a reciprocal program, the number of available jobs is determined by the number of jobs we can give to other member countries for their students. In the selection process, we try to acknowledge support of university departments who provide jobs.

All student applicants receive a Canadian employer package to help raise Canadian jobs at their university or in the private sector. Your efforts will be noted in in your file and you will be given special consideration in our selection process. Raising an offer of employment does not guarantee placement, since we still have to consider the best-qualified candidate, but it greatly enhances your chances.

IAESTE Jobs Abroad

Students indicate their 3 preferred member countries on the application form, and every effort is made to find jobs in these countries. Candidates may be offered a position in another member country. These jobs are in industrial, academic and other organizations.

Please note that, in many countries, IAESTE jobs are referred to as internships, traineeships, placements, or training periods.

IAESTE Canada also processes a number of “Reserved Offers” for Canadian students who have found a job abroad in an IAESTE member country and require help with acquiring a work permit. The fees and application procedures are different from those listed for “Open Offers” below.

IAESTE Canada jobs abroad are:

IAESTE Canada secures jobs abroad for Canadian students by exchanging jobs with other IAESTE member countries at the Annual Conference in late January. Early in February, a list of jobs is circulated to all applicants by e-mail for consideration. Candidates are asked to return an application update form ranking those places of interest for which they meet all the requirements. IAESTE Canada will screen the applicants and the most qualified candidate will be offered the position. Once a candidate accepts an offer, their file is forwarded to the employer for approval. We continue to exchange offers after the January conference.

Work Permits

Most receiving IAESTE Committees arrange to have any necessary permits issued through their embassy in Canada. Many foreign embassies charge a processing fee that the student is required to pay.

Fees, Deadlines & Application Procedure

Since IAESTE Canada depends on volunteers for program administration and raising jobs in Canada, it only charges a modest application fee of $100 to offset some of its operating costs. Once a candidate accepts a job, it charges a placement fee of $450 to cover the operating costs such as arranging the necessary documents.

The final application deadlines, including payment, are Tuesday, October 11th, 2016 for winter placements, and Friday, December 9th, 2016 for summer placements. Late applications will not be accepted. Your application will be acknowledged and you will be provided with information on responding to the list of offers you will receive in February.

To apply, please submit:

Any other information you would like to provide to enhance your chance of placement is welcome. Contact us.

Additional Costs

As mentioned above, affordable accommodations are usually arranged by IAESTE or the employer but paid by the student. Students are responsible for their own arrangements and costs for travel, the premiums for full out-of-the-country medical insurance, and fees for obtaining their passport and visas or work permits if required. You will receive additional information on insurance at the time of placement.

IAESTE Canada is not able to provide specific information on income tax. You should contact Revenue Canada’s International Tax Services office for information. Calls from anywhere in Canada or the U.S. can be made to +1-800-959-8281 or +1-613-940-8495, or visit their website at You should inquire with the local tax office in the country where you are working to determine your tax status in that country.